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Chór Dziewczęcy Skowronki

CK Zamek

Chór Dziewczęcy Skowronki
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Chór dziewczęcy Skowronki - PoznańChór Dziewczęcy SKOWRONKI
Centrum Kultury ZAMEK
Ul. Św. Marcin 80/82
61-809 Poznań
Tel: +48 61 64 65 316 (317)
e-mail: info@chor-skowronki.pl

Alicja Szeluga
+48 605 941 381

Andrzej Łukaszkiewicz
+48 605 408 434

Chór Skowronki - Poznań Chór Skowronki - Poznań
  Chór dziewczęcy Skowronki - Poznańchoir’s CV

The SKOWRONKI (SKYLARKS) Girls’ Choir from Centrum Kultury Zamek (ZAMEK Culture Centre) in Poznań is an internationally famous ensemble. It is one of the best girls’ choirs in Europe. It goes on concert tours regularly, acting as an ambassador of Polish culture. Many such trips are connected with participation in prestigious competitions, from where the choir brings back main prizes and glowing opinions of the juries and audiences. The choir has taken part in festivals and choral workshops in Wrocław (Wratislavia Cantans), Latvia (Riga), Germany (Wolfenbüttel, Usedom), Italy (Torino), Israel (Jerusalem). It records for the television, radio and releases albums. It receives invitations to participate in opera spectacles. It co-operates with The Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2010, the Choir received an “Honorary Badge for Services to Wielkopolska Province".

Experienced and respected pedagogues-musicians look after the musical development of the girls. The Choir is conducted and creatively inspired by Alicja Szeluga, an artistic director of the Choir, a teacher an aficionado of choral music. Younger choir groups are looked after by the conductor Julia Łynsza. Choreographer Teresa Nowak is responsible for stage movement. Vocal trainer – Marzena Michałowska. The Choir’s accompanying pianist is Czesław Łynsza.

For 60 years, the Skowronki Girls’ Choir astounds and enchants its audiences. The bright, crystal clear, light and exceptionally homogenous sound of the girls’ voices moves the hearts and souls of the listeners. The high vocal standard and an interesting, perfectly performed concert programme means that the Choir has many ardent fans.

Chór Skowronki - Poznań Chór Skowronki - Poznań
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Chór Dziewczęcy Skowronki
Chór Dziewczęcy Skowronki Chór Dziewczęcy Skowronki

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